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Insight into the World of Internet Advertising for Businesses

It is interesting to note that the number of hours we spend on the Internet has become more than we spend on any media even on the Television.

Today internet has become increasingly important to advertisers and your business needs to leverage this great opportunity that the Internet offers to advertise your product or services. Many businesses and organisations are becoming more aware of the unlimited opportunities through online advertisement.The benefits of Internet advertising is enormous,but most businesses not getting the result they so desire from Internet Advertising.
Let’s provide a little insight into this.One of the benefits of online advertisement over traditional advertisement is that the former can be tracked and measured, online adverts when done properly drive instant sales with high conversion rates from prospects to consumer with a click, and they can be highly targeted at the right customers too.Other benefits include:

-It is very cost effective

-It tracts your advertising and provide you relevant information that will be useful to the success of your adverting or marketing campaign

-It helps you set a budget for your advertisement campaign and stop whenever you want to,it is very flexible depending on your budget and what you have in mind to achieve.

-You can build a community of loyal customers your internet advertisement

-It offers great visibility for your business or brand

-It has taken over traditional advertising and marketing

For effective online advertisement or campaign, the advertiser must have a defined and thought- out plan,for example your website which is the heart of your online adverts will have to be ready in all sense of it for the advertisement.You need a Campaign Objective(CO) before you start any online advertisement.

Your Campaign Objective (CO) must be well defined; this is where many miss it. The Campaign Objective is simply having in clear terms what you want to achieve as an advertiser. It must answer some of these questions:

-what do I want to achieve with my online advert,

-what type of product-service am I advertising,

-who are my target audience, where can I find them online

-is it to let them know about my brand (Brand awareness),

-is it to make instant sales or

-drive traffic to a website or to create a demand

The answers to the above questions will help you choose the right method, the website to do your campaign and the model of payment to adopt.

The most common payment models for adverts online are:

Cost per thousand (CPM): this is needed when brand awareness or exposure is the primary goal of the advertiser.

Cost per Click: In this model, the advertiser only pays when their advert is clicked on by a prospect. This is most effective when the aim is to drive traffic to a website.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Here, the advertiser only pays when an advert delivers an acquisition. For example, buying a product, filling of a form, downloading of a file etc.This is the mode of payment used mostly in affiliate marketing.

Fixed Rate: Here, the payment is fixed for a certain period,number of customers acquired. This is usually good for banner adverts and campaigns that target a particular niche market.

Cost per Engagement: Here, advertisers pay for adverts placed in videos or applications such as Facebook apps based on the interaction with the advert. Advertisers pay when an action is completed by the prospects.

In conclusion, your success as an advertiser online is largely determined by your Campaign Objective (CO), so have a good plan before you put that advert on the internet! And also get an Internet Marketing expert to guide you all the way and you will benefit from the unlimited prospects online.





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Some Basics about Selling on the Internet

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The art of selling whether on the Internet or offline is as old as man, it is a way of life, and there has always been a way of exchanging goods and services for monetary benefits.With Internet technology has made it so easy to reach unlimited number of people who are interested and looking for your product or service.

Selling on the Internet is an art that should be mastered in order for one to excel in it;You have to understand that through the internet you will know what people want,how eager they are to get what they want,they can make decisions quickly and understand where your customers are. Selling on the Internet is so interesting and unique,is one medium where people pay for goods and services even before they receive them.

There are two different ways in which prospective customers can see your product; there is one in which you have to send messages, adverts and even look for your prospects on the net, this is called the out bound internet marketing.

Here, you are trying to let people know what you are offering them and most times they are not really in need of your product. The other method is the inbound  internet marketing where your customers are looking for your product on the internet.And they do this through Search engines like Google.

Also understand that majority of people that browse the net are not looking for something to buy. Rather, they are looking for a solution to their problems. They will pay anything to anyone that shows up on Google search with such solution they are seeking.This tells you how important search is and how relevant Google is in selling online.

Keyword is simply what people search for on the net, the words people type in search engines like Google and Yahoo. These are words that are highly optimised by search engines, and they help you to discover the following:

1. Helps you estimate and drive unlimited traffic to your website that will in turn help you make sells.

2. Helps you know how many people are offering that kind of business on the net that you are offering.

3. How many websites have been developed on that particular keyword?

4. How many people (customers or prospects) are looking for your service/product?

5. How much you can pay to advertise your service to the world using the search engines and a lot more you can deduce through keyword research) In a nutshell ,Keyword search shows you Popularity, Price, and Competition around your business.

Several tools and software are available which can be used to determine this and help you answer the following questions in the mind of your prospects.

A. What do I get for buying this product?

B. What is the price of the product?

C. How fast do I get the benefits you promised?

D. What is the guarantee that I will get those benefits?

If these questions are answered to the prospect’s satisfaction, it is likely that he or she will buy your product.People make decisions so quick whether to buy or not.Selling on the Internet is an art and needs mastery.


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Things that Should Never be Discussed on Your Business Social Media Platform

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As Technology is driving the way we do business and how fast we reach our customers before our competitors do,Social media has had great impact in business growth over the last few years.Now satisfied and dissatisfied customers have unlimited access to interact with your brand and also talk to unlimited number of people about your brand on the Social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Google+,LinkedIn,Instagram,YouTube etc even before you realize it.Though it took a long while for Businesses to adopt the use of social media for businesses.I will share with you today some things you need not discuss or include in your social media platforms.

Note that Social media can also work against businesses when they are not properly used and managed.Social Media accounts of businesses should always be updated and managed by someone who has a good idea and understanding of the impact of this new way of interaction with your business and the world.

Whatever is posted on your social media should reflect how the business wants to be seen my everyone.Social media strategy should be something that should not be left for inexperienced or less qualified people in the company.It is a core part of business and should be treated same.

So whatever is being posted on your social media accounts should be well thought of,the spellings must be checked correctly before such posts are being made.Your organisation should take charge of the discussions going on your social media accounts.

A business social media platform should reflect the business in everyone,your social media platforms should not have or reflect the personal opiions of the person managing the social media for the business.Such personal information or opinion should not be shared on a business social media platform.

Your social media platform should never discuss politics or controversial political stance.

Any form of information or discussion that is shows discrimination in anyway should not be part of your social media

Do not open your social media up for people to ask irrelevant questions and make irrelevant contributions on your social media

Making comments on current events or popular events around the world should be avoided except that event affects your business

All forms of negativity and attacks should be avoided.

Social Media is about real time interaction,always respond to questions or inquiries with a human angle,don’t use a template for responses for everyone even if they ask the same question.

Watch how you use humor or make jokes on your social media platform,it can open your business up for all forms of criticism.

Be careful the way you advertise or promote your business through the social media media pages or accounts,people get easily annoyed when you over promote or constantly use your network for advertising your business.People interact with your page because the need relevant information,updates,content,events.

These are some of the things to watch out for,there are a lot more but make sure you manage your social media platform and also create a social media strategy to follow.


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What is Reputation Management and Do You Need It?

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Most things in life even business is about perception and reputation.How do people see your business,what are they talking about your business on the social networks.That might be the reason why your business is struggling.The power of Social media is so enormous that most times you just cant predict what happens but you can put a lot of measures to get the outcome you desire.

In fact the world has being made so small by technologies like the social media,internet and smart devices.Words travel on social media with speed of light.So there is every need to tract what people feel about your brand,business or organisation,what are people saying about your business.Your reputation should be something to watch for especially when you are not getting the right results you need in your business.It might be what someone has said about your business on the social networks.

Reputation and perception management on Social media and on the internet should be part of your digital marketing strategy.You have to follow and monitor what people are saying and how they see your brand.Many consumers around the world actively  look for reviews and take them into consideration when looking for a company that provides the services or products they require at that time.Many new customers who want to do business with you depend on the reviews and comments about your service,product and organisation so it is not something you want to play with.

Now that you have understood how important online reputation and perception or feedback from people is to the growth and future of your business,these are a few things you can do to improve your reputation and perception even online and offline.

Offer a great service to every customer that does business with you,make sure they are satisfied before they leave.Get a feedback or review from them.Improve your services or product in any area you need to.

Follow the activities of your customers and prospects daily as they Live,work and play.You might think,how do i do that.It’s so easy  these days with technology.Almost everyone has an internet enabled smart phone, check emails, search on Google,Bing or Yahoo for things, shop online,connect with friends and families on Facebook, post on twitter, share experiences on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+,Play their favorite games.These are daily routine that technology can help you get a good information on the activities of your prospect.To tract this manually could be overwhelming but there are several reputation management Software and tools available that will analyse what people are saying about your business and also offer you more in depth process on how to remedy your brand before much demand is done,Perception and reputation is everything so take it with great seriousness and good strategy.



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Reasons You Should be Marketing and Advertisng on Social Media

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Few years ago,it was Bill Gate that says in time to come,it’s either your business is on the Internet or it will die.Today we see how real that has become,we see how important it is for businesses and organisation to not online have internet presence like having a website but also to have an internet marketing and advertising strategy for their business.Business now have Social media presence.Social Media is where most of your new and existing customers are,i have ones shared with you how most of your customers live,play and work.If you understand this,that will guide whatever decision you are making in terms of where to advice,market or promote your business.You have to under stand and follow your prospects  as they pick up their internet enabled phones, check their emails, search on Google,Bing or Yahoo, connect with friends and families on Facebook, post on twitter, share experiences on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, or Play their favorite games.

These are basically what  most of your prospects are doing on a daily bases,so it becomes wise to take your marketing or advertising to them at each of those routines they go through.Almost everyone search for things through Google.Most people are getting to connecting via social media.Having said that these are some reasons why you should focus your advertising budget and marketing effort towards social media.And i have to quickly add here that the type of social media you would use will depend on your target customers what social media do they use. Advertising or Marketing on social media requires a well thought out plan and strategy.Social media helps you:

-Reach unlimited number of customers for your product and services

-Acquire unlimited number of customers for your business or organisation

-With call to actions,that makes prospective customers become customers in a quick way.Most times People make decisions to buy products and services online quicker than offline because it saves them a lot of barriers.

-It is very cost effective advertising on social media

-It tracts your advertising and provide you relevant information that will be useful to the success of your adverting or marketing campaign

-It helps you set a budget for your advertisement campaign and stop whenever you want to,it is very flexible depending on your budget and what you have in mind to achieve.

-You can build a community of loyal customers from social media

-It offers great visibility for your business or brand

-It has taken over traditional advertising and marketing

So embrace and explore Social Media Marketing and Advertising to your business advantage.