Reasons You Should be Marketing and Advertisng on Social Media

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Reasons You Should be Marketing and Advertisng on Social Media

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Few years ago,it was Bill Gate that says in time to come,it’s either your business is on the Internet or it will die.Today we see how real that has become,we see how important it is for businesses and organisation to not online have internet presence like having a website but also to have an internet marketing and advertising strategy for their business.Business now have Social media presence.Social Media is where most of your new and existing customers are,i have ones shared with you how most of your customers live,play and work.If you understand this,that will guide whatever decision you are making in terms of where to advice,market or promote your business.You have to under stand and follow your prospects  as they pick up their internet enabled phones, check their emails, search on Google,Bing or Yahoo, connect with friends and families on Facebook, post on twitter, share experiences on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, or Play their favorite games.

These are basically what  most of your prospects are doing on a daily bases,so it becomes wise to take your marketing or advertising to them at each of those routines they go through.Almost everyone search for things through Google.Most people are getting to connecting via social media.Having said that these are some reasons why you should focus your advertising budget and marketing effort towards social media.And i have to quickly add here that the type of social media you would use will depend on your target customers what social media do they use. Advertising or Marketing on social media requires a well thought out plan and strategy.Social media helps you:

-Reach unlimited number of customers for your product and services

-Acquire unlimited number of customers for your business or organisation

-With call to actions,that makes prospective customers become customers in a quick way.Most times People make decisions to buy products and services online quicker than offline because it saves them a lot of barriers.

-It is very cost effective advertising on social media

-It tracts your advertising and provide you relevant information that will be useful to the success of your adverting or marketing campaign

-It helps you set a budget for your advertisement campaign and stop whenever you want to,it is very flexible depending on your budget and what you have in mind to achieve.

-You can build a community of loyal customers from social media

-It offers great visibility for your business or brand

-It has taken over traditional advertising and marketing

So embrace and explore Social Media Marketing and Advertising to your business advantage.


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