Some Basics about Selling on the Internet

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Some Basics about Selling on the Internet

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The art of selling whether on the Internet or offline is as old as man, it is a way of life, and there has always been a way of exchanging goods and services for monetary benefits.With Internet technology has made it so easy to reach unlimited number of people who are interested and looking for your product or service.

Selling on the Internet is an art that should be mastered in order for one to excel in it;You have to understand that through the internet you will know what people want,how eager they are to get what they want,they can make decisions quickly and understand where your customers are. Selling on the Internet is so interesting and unique,is one medium where people pay for goods and services even before they receive them.

There are two different ways in which prospective customers can see your product; there is one in which you have to send messages, adverts and even look for your prospects on the net, this is called the out bound internet marketing.

Here, you are trying to let people know what you are offering them and most times they are not really in need of your product. The other method is the inbound  internet marketing where your customers are looking for your product on the internet.And they do this through Search engines like Google.

Also understand that majority of people that browse the net are not looking for something to buy. Rather, they are looking for a solution to their problems. They will pay anything to anyone that shows up on Google search with such solution they are seeking.This tells you how important search is and how relevant Google is in selling online.

Keyword is simply what people search for on the net, the words people type in search engines like Google and Yahoo. These are words that are highly optimised by search engines, and they help you to discover the following:

1. Helps you estimate and drive unlimited traffic to your website that will in turn help you make sells.

2. Helps you know how many people are offering that kind of business on the net that you are offering.

3. How many websites have been developed on that particular keyword?

4. How many people (customers or prospects) are looking for your service/product?

5. How much you can pay to advertise your service to the world using the search engines and a lot more you can deduce through keyword research) In a nutshell ,Keyword search shows you Popularity, Price, and Competition around your business.

Several tools and software are available which can be used to determine this and help you answer the following questions in the mind of your prospects.

A. What do I get for buying this product?

B. What is the price of the product?

C. How fast do I get the benefits you promised?

D. What is the guarantee that I will get those benefits?

If these questions are answered to the prospect’s satisfaction, it is likely that he or she will buy your product.People make decisions so quick whether to buy or not.Selling on the Internet is an art and needs mastery.


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