Things that Should Never be Discussed on Your Business Social Media Platform

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Things that Should Never be Discussed on Your Business Social Media Platform

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As Technology is driving the way we do business and how fast we reach our customers before our competitors do,Social media has had great impact in business growth over the last few years.Now satisfied and dissatisfied customers have unlimited access to interact with your brand and also talk to unlimited number of people about your brand on the Social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Google+,LinkedIn,Instagram,YouTube etc even before you realize it.Though it took a long while for Businesses to adopt the use of social media for businesses.I will share with you today some things you need not discuss or include in your social media platforms.

Note that Social media can also work against businesses when they are not properly used and managed.Social Media accounts of businesses should always be updated and managed by someone who has a good idea and understanding of the impact of this new way of interaction with your business and the world.

Whatever is posted on your social media should reflect how the business wants to be seen my everyone.Social media strategy should be something that should not be left for inexperienced or less qualified people in the company.It is a core part of business and should be treated same.

So whatever is being posted on your social media accounts should be well thought of,the spellings must be checked correctly before such posts are being made.Your organisation should take charge of the discussions going on your social media accounts.

A business social media platform should reflect the business in everyone,your social media platforms should not have or reflect the personal opiions of the person managing the social media for the business.Such personal information or opinion should not be shared on a business social media platform.

Your social media platform should never discuss politics or controversial political stance.

Any form of information or discussion that is shows discrimination in anyway should not be part of your social media

Do not open your social media up for people to ask irrelevant questions and make irrelevant contributions on your social media

Making comments on current events or popular events around the world should be avoided except that event affects your business

All forms of negativity and attacks should be avoided.

Social Media is about real time interaction,always respond to questions or inquiries with a human angle,don’t use a template for responses for everyone even if they ask the same question.

Watch how you use humor or make jokes on your social media platform,it can open your business up for all forms of criticism.

Be careful the way you advertise or promote your business through the social media media pages or accounts,people get easily annoyed when you over promote or constantly use your network for advertising your business.People interact with your page because the need relevant information,updates,content,events.

These are some of the things to watch out for,there are a lot more but make sure you manage your social media platform and also create a social media strategy to follow.


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